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  FM transmitter / exciter
  Radio Data System (RDS) encoder

  Power amplifier
  Studio-to-transmitter link (STL)
  FM/DAB/Sat receivers, Rebroadcast
  Outside broadcast
  Remote control management unit
  FM antenna products

  AM transmitter
  AM antenna products
  FM / AM racks and cabinets
  Audio system racks
  Transmission system accessories
  Touch screen and remote controller
  Power distribution and supplies

   Cables and accessories
   Analogue / digital audio processing


Our solutions include complete end-to-end broadcast transmission systems tailored to each customer's requirements.  We offer FM and AM based systems and accessories, cabling, audio processing, power distribution and racking. 

All supplied systems are covered by our standard one year warranty, backed by in-house service and repair facilities. Routine maintenance packages are available for all equipment along with upgrade services for most audio related products.  Comprehensive RFI and EMI rectification services are available for both new and existing systems. 

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