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Rental range

Configurable to a wide variety of studio, outside broadcast or other requirements, our range also includes high quality brands of..

RF based solutions..

FM broadcast transmitters

Radio Data System (RDS) encoder

STL and outside broadcast link

rebroadcast / relay system

specialised design antennas

Radio Data System (RDS) encoder

telescopic mast and accessories

rugged, specialised coaxial cables

Earth systems, lightning protection

galvanised supports

high sensitivity receiver

RF dummy loads

filtered power distribution solutions

rack cooling panels and trays

19" racks, portable and fixed types

Audio based solutions..

telephone balance interface unit

line level matcher / impedance matcher

audio compressor

audio limiter

audio distribution amplifier

stereo to mono converter

portable stereo mixer

headphones, cables and accessories

format converters

FM stereo / internet radio tuner

DAC with USB and S/PDIF support

integrated amplifier with BT & S/PDIF

filtered power distribution solutions

rack cooling panels and trays

19" racks, portable and fixed types

All our broadcast transmission equipment is CE approved for legal use within the UK.  Various RF power output models and audio processing options are offered along with optional Radio Data System (RDS) encoding.  Supplied equipment is adjusted to all the correct levels, ensuring legal limits are adhered to whilst delivering the best possible audio quality for your listeners. 

Wireless audio links from studio to transmitter site may be catered for in cases where the transmitter cannot be located at the main studio site. 

Outside broadcast systems are available for customers who require the ability to interact directly with their listeners in the field such as city centres, shopping malls, gigs, festivals, parks, on the fly news reporting or other live events.


The most suitable type of antenna design for any given application will be recommended to you and we will inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of different options which may be available to you.  Our antennas are supplied with high quality accessories such as supports, clamps and brackets. 

Items are available for rental on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.  Customers may select items from our range or request assistance in selecting items which best suit your particular requirements.  It is advisable to book as early as possible in advance of the required rental dates, in order to guarantee availability.  Please view our services page for optional installation service. 

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